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How would your life be different if you accomplish these goals?

  • Overcome anxiety and emotional suffering
  • Let go of restlessness and compulsive thinking
  • Alleviate physical tension and pressure
  • Get over the inability to concentrate
  • Address difficulties with sleep
  • Free yourself from anxious thoughts that prevent relaxation

Does This Sound Familiar?

Anxiety can seem never-ending. It may feel like the momentum of outside events constantly fuel internal tension and stress. Thinking can become negative, which leads to feeling emotionally upset, and distressing emotions then generate more dysfunctional thinking. When you try to reason your way out, your thinking may appear frustratingly circular.

Perhaps you have tried different behaviors to distract yourself from worrying, but negative thoughts seem to return, especially when feeling tired and you would like to sleep. It is common for people to feel anxious both during busy times as well as when attempting to rest. Anxiety may also interfere with thinking clearly, which can affect your ability to concentrate, focus, and be productive. In addition, anxious feelings may prevent your ability to relax, enjoy downtime, and listen and communicate effectively.

Here Is How Counseling Can Help

The good news is that anxiety counseling can help you turn around your compulsive thoughts and negative emotions. There is no reason why anxiety should continue to interfere with your ability to think clearly, be creative, be productive at work, and be fully engaged in relationships.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness are evidence-based methods proven to reduce anxiety. CBT therapy will teach you how to challenge your negative thoughts and replace them with more supportive thinking. With practice, your thoughts start to turn themselves around. Mindfulness counseling will show you how replace stressful feelings and physical tension to become emotionally centered and physically calm.

With experience in anxiety treatment since 2006, I look forward to showing you how to become emotionally and physically relaxed while becoming more mentally focused and clear. The outcome of anxiety counseling is to be both grounded and productive. My methods are very practical and can be applied immediately, beginning in the very first session. Also, these practices are easy to implement at home, starting right away. You will learn skills that not only help alleviate current problems but will also help you remain relaxed, balanced, and effective in the future even when life situations seem challenging.

Online Therapy

I provide online counseling throughout California. Based out of Davis, California, I offer secure, confidential video therapy to get you the help you need with an approach that is both safe and convenient. If you are interested in exploring counseling for anxiety, contact me today for a free consultation.


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